Who We Are

We provide and share presentations, activities, and workshops to educate teachers and the public about Dr. Montessori's global philosophy of child development and its system of delivery through Montessori education. Supporting outreach beyond the early years, we encourage partnerships and lab schools to be associated with Family & Consumer Sciences Education and its role in preparing youth for practical life and careers in health, education, human services and beyond.

Our Vision


The Maria Montessori Language and Cultural Center (MMLCC) is an intergenerational community guided by the principles of Maria Montessori where an understanding of interconnectedness is both expressed and strengthened through cultural renewal, environmental restoration, and individual healing.

What We Do

We provide presentations, activities, and workshops to educate teachers and the public to share Dr. Montessori's insight linking child development and the Montessori method of education.

Our Partners in The Happiness Project on Social-Emotional Learning (May 2nd, 2015)