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We must lay the foundation for peace ourselves by constructing a social environment, a new world for the child and adolescent, so that their individual consciences may develop. A vast education reform and above all a vast social reform are called for today.  

-Maria Montessori


We provide and share presentations, activities, and workshops to educate teachers and the public about Dr. Montessori's global philosophy of child development and its system of delivery through Montessori education. Supporting outreach beyond the early years, we encourage partnerships and lab schools to be associated with Family & Consumer Sciences Education and its role in preparing youth for practical life and careers in health, education, human services and beyond.


Gail Longo will be speaking at the October 28, 2021, Euthenics Meeting. Gail's Topic is 'Open all the Doors and Windows and Let the World Move Through You* : Celebrate Euthenics and the Visions of Early Leaders, Ellen Swallow Richards and Dr. Maria Montessori.' (*Theme song Lyrics by Billy Jonas)


View Gail's article published in the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Journal September, 2022.

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Donations can be mailed by check payable to MMLCC sent to: 3316 NW 68th St., Seattle, WA 98117.

MMLCC - Building Bridges and Pathways

Building bridges and pathways

Our Presentation for Innovative Solutions Showcase at Western Pathways Conference 2018 - A Transformative Pathway for Education

- What environmental conditions are necessary to improve student learning?

- What does research show us about Social-Emotional Learning skills?


- What part does the environment play in maintaining healthy social-emotional development?


- What are some ways to apply the tools of the Happiness Project in your environment?

The time has come to understand that we are the same human beings on this planet. Whether we want to or not, we must coexist. Our children should grow up with the idea that dialog, not violence is the best and most practical way to resolve conflict. ~Dalai Lama 

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