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FCS/Montessori Lab School

The 7 years our FCS/Montessori Lab School was imbedded in the Department of FCS was a joyful experience!

It was an extraordinary opportunity and privilege to connect and expand mutual horizons for children and young adults.

Soon I came to realize that both our programs held very similar philosophies, principles and patterns . Both philosophies integrate subjects and welcome a mixed- age learning environment. (Our Lab School environment contained 3 to 5 year olds and high school students observing and participating were 15 to 18yrs. )

The FCS/Montessori Lab School environment gave high school students additional opportunities to intern on site mentored by certified Montessori guides.

The collaborative result of weaving both models together culminated in an environment where spontaneous acts of mutual caring and respectful relationships occurred between children, teens and adults.

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