Euthenics Meeting

Gail Longo will be speaking at the October 28, 2021, Euthenics Meeting. Gail's Topic is 'Open all the Doors and Windows and Let the World Move Through You* : Celebrate Euthenics and the Visions of Early Leaders, Ellen Swallow Richards and Dr. Maria Montessori.' (*Theme song Lyrics by Billy Jonas)

Gail has become one of our best community cheerleaders for Family & Consumer Sciences, both in WA State and Nationally! She came to the realization that FACSE aligns perfectly with the Montessori philosophy and practice. Most recently, before Covid, at the Oct. 2018 WAFCS/FACSE Fall Conference she made a presentation on the related philosophies of FACS and Maria Montessori -- and the potential for expanded partnerships between our schools, community and organizations. She and Professor Emeritus, Sue McGregor (Nova Scotia, Canada), a well known researcher and contributor to American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) peer-reviewed journal collaborated on an article about FACSE, Montessori, and the High school model program benefits to Early Childhood Education. Gail contracted with a composer (Billy Jonas) to characterize these ideas in a singable form. The resulting song invites us to "Open all the Doors and Windows, and Let the World Move Through You!" Together we will Celebrate our Connections and 86 years of Euthenics in October. The journal will be published later this year and will be available for all to access and read.

About Billy Jonas: He is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, who is Bridging Divides -- using music to help heal divisions within ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.

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