Local Educators from Pre-K through College meet to Investigate Ways to Revitalize Education

In this rapidly changing world, why do we still teach our children in the same way we did so long ago in such an isolating, yet standardized way? Do we really want our children to grow up in a competitive system that discourages collaborative work by focusing on individual academic achievement, which causes so much stress, fatigue, and even suicides?

As Temple Grandin and many other leaders in neuroscience and other fields demonstrate, this world needs many different kinds of minds. Our common needs are those that integrate and connect us socially and emotionally, and encourage us to grow into well-rounded, healthy, balanced, and capable human beings. These characteristics are better cultivated if we start to incorporate valueable life skills and social-emotional skills as practiced in Family and Consumer Sciences and Montessori environments. These skills give our youth the confidence they need to lead more whole-hearted, connected lives with a real vision for the future.

Local educators and leaders spanning pre-school through college are meeting on May 2nd at 21 Acres, a local farm, market, and education center located in Woodinville, WA to investigate this idea of educational revitalization. Their goal is to supplant a system of mere accumulation of knowledge with the creation and cultivation of meaningfulness and well-being for our young learners to help them grow into the wise adults we need for the future of our world.

This workshop is being offered by the Maria Montessori Language and Cultural Center (MMLCC) in partnership with Seattle Public Schools Department Family and Consumer Sciences, 21 Acres, Seattle Pacific University, and the Puget Sound Association for the Education of Young Children. This may be the first time educators across this wide age range will come together in such a community effort. At this workshop we will hear David Hartman speak about his collaborative research with Dr. Christopher Sink from Seattle Pacific University on The Happiness Project and will also hear from 21 Acres' own dietician & food educator, Matt Keen on the topic of Food and Emotions.

The MMLCC, a charitable non-profit organization, has been holding workshops like this since 2005 on topics including: An Introduction to Compassionate Communication; Empathy and the Brain; Emotions, Learning and the Child's Brain; and Calming Ourselves. Visit our website to learn more and connect with us! <http://themmlcc.wix.com/mmlcc>

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