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History of MMLCC partnership with Ballard High School





















In 2004, The Ballard High School Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and the MMLCC joined with the Seattle Public Schools' (SPS) Community Alignment Initiative in a pioneering effort to provide our unique on-site Montessori Early Education Program and Lab School on campus. This was also in partnership with Career and Technical Education Department and Humanities Washington.


In this innovative academic program, BHS students observed and studied with Montessori-trained educators and early childhood specialists. Under the guidance of Marcia Lalonde, BHS students attended early childhood classes in which they studied the work of Dr. Maria Montessori through readings, demonstrations, discussions, and projects.

After several weeks of classroom preparation, the students were required to supplement their learning by involving themselves as observers in Casa Maria Montessori School (the Children´s House) by submitting written portfolio notes to their instructor for comments and review. They were guided to notice how a child gains self-confidence and how a child´s need for inquiry can become quietly focused. As the students´ insights into these processes emerge, awareness of their own potential for transformation is heightened.



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